Cepstral Partner Programs

Cepstral welcomes integration of its high quality Text-to-Speech technology into partner applications. Through our thousands of relationships serving all different types of markets on every major hardware and software platform, we have developed a myriad of techniques to assist our partners. The first step is to determine which relationship category best fits your business model, and then to discuss which techniques are most suited to your specific requirements.

The two major partnership vehicles offered by Cepstral are:

1.) Affiliate Program - this requires no $ to join. We provide you with tracking links and you refer your customers to the Cepstral store. For each transaction your link generates, we pay a commission back to you.

2.) OEM Reseller Program - In this program, we provide you with valid license keys so you can integrate fully-functional Cepstral voices into your products. We require an upfront $ commitment towards annual sales and offer discounts on high volume deals. There are several licensing techniques within the OEM program that are determined by your distribution model and preferences. A brief overview of the OEM licensing techniques includes:

  1. Runtime licensing calls through the Cepstral API or Microsoft SAPI or Apple Speech Manager.
  2. Automatic license generation and access to a private Keygen server.
  3. Merge-modules for tightly integrated installation files.
  4. File based licensing if necessary.
  5. Use your business rules to create time-out demos
3.) Hybrid Model - Some partners use both. They may OEM a single licensed Cepstral voice inside their product, but then also encourage customers to experiment with alternative voices on their own via the Affiliate Link.

How to Enroll:

In order to effectively assist you and determine which partner program is best for you, please use our contact form and answer the following 10 questions:

  1. Full Company Name?
  2. Platform (Windows, WinCE, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.)?
  3. Market (telephony, consumer, schools, assistive, mobile, etc.)?
  4. Estimated annual unit volume?
  5. Preferred TTS voice (details such as a preference for male or female, or multiple voices, or languages)?
  6. Preferred model - Affiliate link or bundled OEM Reseller?
  7. Your current distribution model (download, CD, hardware, channel, etc.)?
  8. Cost of your product?
  9. Timeline to market?
  10. Any special needs or considerations?
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