Text-to-Speech Voices for Windows and Linux Telephony Systems

No matter what your platform Cepstral Telephony 6 delivers proven, cost-effective, premium quality natural speech to all types of telephony applications. Cepstral Telephony is robust, scalable and fast, runs on all major operating systems and is compliant with Industry Standards like MRCP v1 and v2, and VoiceXML making integration simple.

With Cepstral Telephony 6 you can:

  • Automatically deliver information to the caller in real time.
  • Automate more calls to free up operators so they can concentrate on advanced questions.
  • Recite menu prompts and options in a professional sounding voice instead of using an employee or hiring a high priced voice talent agency.

Available Solutions

Asterisk Telephony System

Windows Telephony Solutions

Linux Telephony Solutions

MRCP Solutions