About Us

Full Time Positions

There are no open positions at this time, but please feel free to submit your resume for consideration for future positions. Cepstral employs people with diverse backgrounds such as software engineering, computational linguistics, audio engineering, and business.

Please send your resume to careers@cepstral.com

Voice Talent Positions

We are always interested in creating new Text-to-Speech voices. As a voice talent you would be brought into Cepstral's office in the South Side of Pittsburgh to record a series of audio prompts.  After recording, we will process the audio and create a Text-to-Speech voice that can say anything anywhere.

We are currently looking for the following voice talents, native proficiency a must:

  • US English - Male
  • UK English
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Australian English

Additionally we are looking at expanding the VoiceForge portfolio with additional character voices.

To apply, please follow the instructions below.

Send recordings of the following 5 example prompts to careers@cepstral.com

  1. A whole joy was reaping, but they've gone south.
  2. You should fetch azure mike.
  3. The garage weasels soon discovered the fridge magnets, and the weather was delightful.
  4. I neither felt nor heard such silent young people as I stood by.
  5. There were too many to leave certain faded rooms, sir.
The recordings should be done with an indoor speaking voice with an emphasis on speaking clearly without much emotion.