About Us

Cepstral provides speech technologies and services for the spoken delivery of information. We build high quality, natural sounding voices for hand-held, desktop, and server applications. Our technology is easy to incorporate and operates in a small memory footprint with low computing resources.

In contrast with previous technologies, which are either very large systems or offer lower quality due to outdated technology, Cepstral Text-To-Speech (TTS) engines and voices can be deployed on mobile devices or in multiple instances on server platforms, making it the easiest to use and most versatile product available today.

Cepstral has created new techniques for general-purpose voices and "domain voices" which allow the spoken output to be tailored to an application. This is combined in a single software application resulting in extremely versatile, high quality voices. Cepstral has taken its strong foundation in the field of speech science and developed a streamlined process for building synthetic voices, resulting in the ability to deliver solutions to meet the demands of the rapidly emerging speech application market.