Text-to-Speech voices for use on your Raspberry Pi

Whether you are an educator, tinkerer, or deploying Pi commercially, all of our voices are ready to bring your Raspberry Pi applications to life.

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Here's what some of our customers have to say:

"These are great voices for the Pi if you, like me, wish to run everything offline and not require a network connection as a precondition of operation."

"I have currently been using Cepstral (Allison) in our home for personal assistance use with a Raspberry Pi for the past few years. This has been serving my family well with TTS."


Back in 2013 we ran an experiment for Pi Day (3/14 here in the US). We set up a Raspberry Pi Model B (rev 2) in our testing lab to build Cepstral for the ARM architecture. To our pleasant surprise, everything went relatively smoothly thanks to some tenacity with build configuration options.

After compiling Cepstral's TTS synthesis engine, we dropped in our Callie voice and Hello World!

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Lab Photo

Glamour Shot

Raspberry Pi at Cepstral LLC


Swift returns sucesfully on the command line