Text-to-Speech Voices on Linux for Personal Use

Cepstral Personal voices for Linux are a great fit for command line users. Gnome Linux desktop environment can be done but may take some work to configure the integration. We rely on the open source community to keep up with changes to Gnome so your results may vary. If you’re interested in contributing to this effort please contact Cepstral.

All Cepstral voices come with the powerful and robust Swift Text-to-Speech engine - use it from the command line to synthesize text or files to an audio device. Or save the audio to a file so you can listen to it later.

Compatibility and Purchase

Please note that Cepstral Personal voices for Linux are not for use in phone systems. If you are looking to use Cepstral voice in a phone system, please check out our telephony line of products.

If you are interested in purchasing Cepstral voices for your Linux desktop system, please open a support ticket and describe how you will use the software and audio.