How do intall registarion code

Voices won't install properly on your system?

How do intall registarion code

Postby goospanish » Tue Dec 29, 2009 4:46 pm

I paid for a voice how do install the code.
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Postby AdamW » Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:24 pm

On Windows: use the control panel -> Cepstral Tools panel. Make sure it is at the appropriate privilege level. Windows XP requires that you be a member of the Administrator group, but Vista and Windows 7 require that you further "Run as administrator...". There is a defect in the Vista and Windows 7: when Cepstral tools is not invoked using "Run As Administrator...", both operating systems fail silently to write the license file, which will cause the voice to revert mysteriously at some later to being unlicensed.

On linux and unix variants: users need to use the swift command line (which is also available on Windows and Mac). Run

swift --reg-voice

and enter the license information.

On the Mac: use the Cepstral Voices Preference Pane.

For all platforms:
Information is all case sensitive, punctuation sensitive.
The letters l and O never appear in the key (It's a hex entity, so it's always the numbers 0 and 1).
The 16kHz Allison voice is called "Allison" whereas 8kHz Allison is called "Allison-8kHz", and so forth for the other voices.
Keys are not interchangeable between 16 and 8kHz voices, so please make sure you downloaded the right voice, and bought the right license key for it.

We hope this helps, but if it does not, perhaps a little more detail on the situation might be in order (operating system, etc...)

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