What are some of the difficulties faced by students?

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What are some of the difficulties faced by students?

Postby giannapinto » Thu Jun 06, 2019 4:35 am

Following are some academic pressures faced by the students:
1. Pressure to complete a huge workload on time. They always struggle to meet the deadlines of their assignment submission.
2. Fear of getting poor marks. They always think about things like failure, how the parents will react to it, what will happen to their future etc. This has resulted in heavy mental pressure on students.
3. Students are very competitive minded. It is a good thing if the students take it in a positive way. But most of the students compete with their classmates like enemies. They are ready to use whatever method to defeat their enemy.
4. Other factors like parental pressures, worries about the future etc. have made the minds of students, filled with stress. The best essay writing services which are present online can solve this matter to an extend.
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