How do I write a persuassive essay

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How do I write a persuassive essay

Postby Maryjohn0192 » Wed Jan 30, 2019 4:55 am

Persuasive essay is a kind of essay in which the writer tries to convince the reader to take the writer’s stand about a particular topic. This is somewhat a hard type of essay. Everyone will be having their own perspectives about a particular topic. So it is hard to change one’s stand by giving a number of proofs. Some may not like to move from their stand. So the writer has to take the challenge to convince the reader to admit his points by using supporting proofs. The writer has to make the reader agree on his points. The topic of this kind of essay will be normally having a possibility to debate. Visit best essay writing service for some samples. A perfect example for a persuasive essay topic is ‘whether social media is for good or bad?’ This topic has two stands. Social media is helpful and social medial is harmful. The writer has to take one stand and give explanations for that. The reader may be a person who believes that the other side is correct. But the essay is said to be successful if the reader changes his stand after reading the essay. The structure of this type is essay is not having any difference from normal one. In intro, give the main point and background info. Thesis should be included as well. The supporting evidences should be given in the body para. The analysis of gathered points should also be included. The points have to be genuine and real. Never write a made up statistics or other points to make your side stronger. It is not the right way for convincing the readers. It is not necessary that the reader will be convinced. But the points should be genuine. Some question can also be asked to the readers to leave space for them to think about the topic once again.
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Re: How do I write a persuassive essay

Postby arthurmicheal » Wed May 22, 2019 3:02 am

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