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<audio>, <phoneme>, and <voice> tags in Sw

PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:01 pm
by Jeremy McCreary

Using Lawrence and SSML in SwiftTalker to work around a temporary loss of voice, but having trouble with <audio>, <phoneme>, and <voice> tags.

I can hand-code HTML, XML, and XSLT but am new to SSML. Have pored over all Cepstral online SSML help and have searched entire forum for answers before posting.

Intermittent playback with <audio>: In my case, SSML and WAV audio files =must= be stored on local machine (Toshiba netbook running Windows 7 Home Professional). If I put them all in same folder and run an SSML file with the tag,

<audio src="blurb.wav">Audio file didn't play.</audio>

the WAV file may or may not play -- usually the latter. Successes and failures occur without change in audio tag or file locations -- even in ostensibly error-free SSML files with no other apps running. Using known 8- and 16-bit PCMs as test WAV files. Machine issue?

<phoneme> tag: Where can I find a complete list of plain text pronunciation codes valid for Cepstral's implementation of the ph attribute? I'm referring to the codes in 't ah0 m ey1 t ow0' in the tag

<phoneme ph='t ah0 m ey1 t ow0'>tomato</phoneme>

Have searched the web high and low.

Special effects with <voice>: Lawrence reads the text correctly, but I never hear the special effect. Suspect an addressing issue with the SFX files. Given that all files must be on my local machine, where should I store the SFX files and exactly how should I adress them? A concrete working example would be most helpful.

Any leads greatly appreciated.


Oops, please disregard <phoneme> tag question

PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2011 10:09 pm
by Jeremy McCreary
Well, this embarrassing: Apparently didn't scroll down far enough to realize that the desired phoneme codes are listed at the bottom of the "Editing the lexicon" page at

Could still use some help with the other 2 questions in my original post, though.

Thanks in advance.