linux: apostrophes spoke as gibberish :SLOVED:

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linux: apostrophes spoke as gibberish :SLOVED:

Postby Medantri » Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:57 pm

on a base install of linux after installing cepstral voices for linux everything works fine

*after after installing libreoffice or similar office program suddenly the cepstral voice will no longer pronounce words like "it's" or any word that uses an apostrophe

-every other word and phrase works fine, mysteriously only words with apostrophes in them like " that's he'll I'll shouldn't " will no longer be pronounced replaced by a short gibberish

*YET after removing the office program the voice will pronounce words with apostrophes in them again,

>also strange because spell checkers like apsell or hunspell don't effect this, just the presence of an actual office program like libreoffice, abiword,
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Re: linux: installing an office program changes voice's Pron

Postby Medantri » Fri Apr 13, 2018 2:50 pm

ok problem sloved,

-the problem wasn't the cepstral voice....... it was the office programs like libreoffice and few others CHANGED THE APOSTROPHE STYMBOL to a strange unicode character to look fancier,

what you do in libreoffice as least is "Tools - Autocorrect - Autocorrect options, select Localized options tab, remove check mark below "Single quotes"."
*and then it speaks things fine!

WHAT ON EARTH! the problem was they changed the apostrophe to a fancier unicode character! CRIPES!

source where found soultion ... e-it-back/
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