Spanish words sound strange

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Spanish words sound strange

Postby andresh29 » Tue Nov 05, 2013 2:01 pm

Hi, I'm using Alejandra-8khz america spanish voice and in general works fine, but i found some words that doesn't sound good.

e.g.: the word "miercoles" (wednesday)
I put it in my lexicon.txt:
miercoles 0 m i0 e1 r k o0 l e0 s

But the sound "ie" is a bit strange. It isn't pronunced clearly. Almost like the "i" is not pronounced.

The same happends with "aciertos".

In the americas spanish phoneme set ( ... as-spanish) appears a phone "xi", used in many example words, but when I try swift, it gives me the message:

Unknown phone type in wrule "xi0" ignoring: miercoles 0 m xi0 e1 r k o0 l e0 s

Can you tell me what is happening, and how can i solve it?

Thank you very much!!!!

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