Katrin pronunciation of "Ich sollte weggehen"

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Katrin pronunciation of "Ich sollte weggehen"

Postby JamesC2020 » Fri Aug 02, 2013 2:44 pm

Please can you check Katrin's pronunciation of "Ich sollte weggehen" and advise me if it is correct?

The following command sounds to me incorrectly pronounced :-

    swift.exe -n Katrin "Ich sollte weggehen"
I have also checked on the web site (http://www.cepstral.com/en/Demos) and it also sounds to me incorrectly pronounced (Katrin saying "Ich sollte weggehen" on Demos web site).

The following three commands are all perfect, with clear and accurate pronunciation :-

    swift.exe -n Katrin "Ich sollte weg"
    swift.exe -n Katrin "Ich soll weggehen"
    swift.exe -n Matthias "Ich sollte weggehen"
Thank you for your time,
Best regards,
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Re: Katrin pronunciation of "Ich sollte weggehen"

Postby NicholeH » Tue Aug 06, 2013 2:49 pm

Hello James,

We replied to your ticket on this issue, but I'm also posting the response here in case it is helpful to anyone else.

I synthesized "Ich sollte weggehen" in both the Katrin and the Matthias voices on our demo page. The only substantial difference I found was that the final unit in "sollte" //z ao1 l. t ah0// is pronounced in a more elongated manner.

Could you verify that the pronunciation you expect would be as follows?

(q ih1 c)(z ao1 l. t ah0)(v eh1 k. g e1. en0)

Please refer to http://www.cepstral.com/en/tutorials/vi ... mes-german for the phoneme set.

If the only problem is the elongation of the /ah0/, thank you for bringing this to our attention, and it will be fixed in a future release.

If there is more to this issue, please let me know.


The Cepstral Support Team
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