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Question regarding entering lexicon entries

PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2007 11:15 pm
by manojb

I would really appreciate if the cepstral moderator(s)/user(s) could answer the following questions for me.

1.) Is there some way to figure out if a specific word is in the lexicon for the voice I am using or if its generated using the statistical model? I am using swift to listen to word pronunciations. For words which are not in the lexicon, I would like to look up the dictionary.

The following is the quote from faq:
"Word pronunciations are specified in the lexicon. Pronunciations for words not known to the lexicon are generated using a statistical model. "

2.) Also is there a way to add phrases instead of words in the lexicon file? I tried adding phrases like "generate lead" in the lexicon file, but it gives errors when I use swift. The reason I am asking this question is how to handle entries for homonyms like 'lead' in the lexicon file.