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Voice is clipped at times.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 2:56 pm
by lkoss
In using Allison, Diane, or William, I come across sentences being clipped at the end. I tried using break and several other SSML options to no avail. Anyone come across this and have a solution? A sample sentence "All fields marked by an asterisk are Required Fields. The Facility Interest record cannot be saved unless these fields are filled." The clipping is happening at the end of the first sentence. Any way to smooth this out?


same issue

PostPosted: Sun Apr 19, 2009 5:36 pm
by reberclark
I ahev the same issue at times. I am trying to get Lawrence (the voice) to end a sentence with "a key." Without the "a" in front the word key is not clipped. With the 'a" in front the word "key gets clipped! HELP!!!! I have tried all sorts of re-spellings (from ki to kee to keigh etc) to no avail. what can I do?

Voice is clipped at times

PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:51 am
by lkoss
The only way I found to stop the clipping is to rewrite the sentence so it says the same thing but a different way.

Haven't heard anything from Cepstral.