Lexicon List ~ iso feedback for miss-pronounced words.

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Lexicon List ~ iso feedback for miss-pronounced words.

Postby Paul » Tue Jul 22, 2008 2:22 pm

Okay, In this discussion I would like to have everyone post words that they believe are pronounced wrong within a response to this topic for generating a lexicon file with many correct word pronounciations. Also, there are some words that have more than one pronounciation, such as the word: graduates, these words are also known as homonyms or homographs, I would like to ask everyone to not include these words in this topic and I will give an example below of how these words work with more than one pronounciation:

"I like to read books" -> should be pronounced "reed"
"I read that book last week" -> should be pronounced "red"

"Congratulations to the graduates of 2004" -> should be pronounced "gra-dyu-its"
"He will go to medical school after he graduates" -> should be pronounced "gra-dyu-eyts"

I would like all the words that are listed in the replys to be formated as the following utilizing the 'Code' tags:

Code: Select all
Word :: Voice
Wool :: Allison-8kHz

So after we have a large list of words I would like to start making lexicon definitions for the miss-pronounced words and add them to a downloadable lexicon file.

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Postby CathyH » Wed Jan 07, 2009 9:13 pm

NZ PLACENAMES: DUNEDIN=Pronunced "Dunnydun"
GREYMOUTH pronounced Greymth
CHRISTCHURCH pronounced KRISTchurch

I have not yet tried any Maori or Aborigine placenames. I use for voices AMY, MILLIE, LAWRENCE, WILLIAM, with a program called VOXATC with MS Flightsimulator 10 (FSX) for Air TRaffic Control (ATC)
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