Audio src tag with ulaw and alaw files

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Audio src tag with ulaw and alaw files

Postby HenrikR » Mon Jul 30, 2007 7:27 pm

Dear all,

I'm evaluating the Cepstral TTS engine for a telecom company but have run into a serious issue to us.
Using ulaw or alaw files as input files with the audio src tag does not appear to work. However, when for instance using pcm8 as input it works fine.

Does anyone know if this is a known issue and if so, when it is expected to be solved?
Any other ideas about how to solve this except for not using ulaw/alaw files as input?

Basic steps to re-produce my problem:
1) /opt/swift/bin/swift -n Diane-8kHz -p "audio/encoding=ulaw" 'Hello! How do you do? ' -o /tmp/test.ulaw
2) /opt/swift/bin/swift -n Diane-8kHz -p "audio/encoding=pcm8" 'Hello! How do you do? ' -o /tmp/test.pcm8
3) /opt/swift/bin/swift 'Hello <audio src="/tmp/test.pcm8"/> '
4) /opt/swift/bin/swift 'Hello <audio src="/tmp/test.ulaw"/> '

3 Produces the expected result 'Hello Hello! How do you do?' but 4 only results in a 'Hello'. The ulaw file is ignored in this case! Using an alaw file also results in the same behaviour.

I'm using
Cepstral_Diane-8kHz_x86-64-linux_4.2.0 (licensed version)
Suse Linux 9.3

I'm happy to provide more details on request.

Best Regards,
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