Cepstral not working after HDD replacement

Voices aren't working properly?

Cepstral not working after HDD replacement

Postby mstopkey » Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:24 pm

Greetings, this may not be a Cepstral problem but I am grasping at straws here. We are running Cepstral on a ViciDial server that is in a cluster of dialers. The Cepstral server has been operating fine for a long time with low load. It is a single driver Rackable 1U which we clone the HDD to an image with CloneZilla each time any changes are made and restore clone to drive has worked every time in the past. The drive went bad the other day so i replaced it, restored the latest clone and here is the trouble we are now having. I have a test list with one lead in it "myself with my cell phone", I load that list on the outbound survey campaign, it calls my number and I get the following on the asterisk CLI: (WARNING[10507][C-00000007]: file.c:701 ast_openstream_full: File /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/tts/d3/tts-d3a773a9a11032ad4384e050898f3f79 does not exist in any format). So I copied an existing .wav entry in that directory to the filename it was looking for and tested again. Now Allison plays the messages in the survey but reads the text "first name and last name from a different list in a different campaign. I suspected it was playing cached recordings to I dumped the contents of /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/tts and again it complains the file as above does not exist. Here is my TTS.
Code: Select all
<audio src='/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/Allison-hello.wav'/>
<audio src='/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/Allison-thiscallisfor.wav'/> --A--first_name--B-- --A--last_name--B--,
<break time='200ms'/>
<audio src='/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/Allison-if-you-are-not.wav'/> --A--first_name--B-- --A--last_name--B--,
<break time='200ms'/>
<audio src='/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/Allison-please-press-2-hang-up.wav'/><break time='200ms'/>
<audio src='/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/Allison-private.wav'/>
<break time='200ms'/>
<audio src='/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/Allison-minimaranda.wav'/>
<break time='200ms'/>
<audio src='/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/Allison-xfer.wav'/>

Is my Cepstral installation hosed?
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