NVDA and Cepstral bug fixed

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NVDA and Cepstral bug fixed

Postby mikebayus » Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:25 am

Back in June, when I first installed Amy version 6, I discovered a bug as I used her with my NVDA screen reader. When I would exit NVDA and restart, I would run the Swift version command and it would report one streaming port in use. My work around was to restart my computer from the windows log on screen, and relaunch NVDA. I was told this morning, that this bug was fixed soon after I first reported it to Cepstral back in June. Cepstral never let me know, and I could have updated back then. As per my phone conversation with Kevin Jeffries this morning I went and got version 767 of the installer for Amy and the issue is in deed fixed. I am now able to relaunch NVDA after exiting with out issue.
Thanks guys.
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