App_swfit Failed to set voice

Voices aren't working properly?

App_swfit Failed to set voice

Postby cybermeda » Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:08 pm

I am getting error message in the asterisk CLI, we are using cepstral voice for a text to speech call .

The calls rings and play the message but skips the swift voice.
here is the error log

ERROR[5362]: app_swift.c:272 swift_exec: Failed to set voice: Voice not present or corrupted
-- Executing [s@send-ATD-D:6] Swift("SIP/bandwidth.com_outbound-00835450", "David-8kHz^Doe") in new stack
[Sep 19 12:13:26] ERROR[5362]: app_swift.c:272 swift_exec: Failed to set voice: Voice not present or corrupted

Please help me as I may loose my job

It is very frustrating cybermeda
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Re: App_swfit Failed to set voice

Postby AdamW » Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:48 am


I know you started a support ticket, but wanted to answer here so the information was public. The standard diagnostics are below:

Please run the following commands to help us diagnose your issue.

1. To make sure you have the correct match between 32 and 64 bit

uname -a
file /opt/swift/bin/swift.bin

Both of those lines should contain x86_64 if it is 64-bit. if uname -a gives i686 or i386 then you need the i386 build of swift.

2. To check your installation:

which swift
swift hello -o /dev/null
swift -V
swift -VV

These should all run without error, the results will tell us what version/voice you installed.
If you have troubles, then

ls -l /opt/swift/lib/

-- Just to be sure that the library files are symbolically linked. Some virtual drives do not support symbolic linking.

3. For error "Failed to set Voice"

a. ensure that app_swift is correctly linked (trouble spot on some versions of gcc):

gcc --version

If gcc version is >= 4.6, then ... tml#appbug



We are looking to make sure the app_swift module is linked against libswift, libceplang, and libceplex.

If not, then you will need to

sudo echo "/opt/swift/lib" > /etc/; ldconfig

b. Ensure that the swift.conf file is correctly configured for your voice name.
The name of the voice specified by swift --voices and
The Default Voice in /etc/asterisk/swift.conf MUST exactly match.

c. Remove conflicting Asterisk modules

ls /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/*cep*
ls /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/*fest*
ls /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/*flit*

If any of those are found, mv them to a backup location and restart Asterisk.

Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

-- Adam
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