Only one voice can be used despsite many being installed

Voices aren't working properly?

Only one voice can be used despsite many being installed

Postby ChristophWitecki » Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:40 am


I have Lawrence and Duncan cepstral 5.1.0 voices on my desktop. I want to buy more voices, but I have stopped now because of a problem that makes it impossible to use more than one voice.I installed Duncan first, then the second voice. In Adobe acro reader when I try to use text-aloud it uses the Duncan voice no matter which voice I have selected. For example I can choose the Lawrence voice, its still the Duncan voice. This is for Linux Mint Debian Edition. So I am in Debian squeeze.I used the perl festival wrapper script. Id really like to buy more voices but with this problem it makes it impossible.

The second problem is that all quotations are read out loud as "Back slash". so the voice verbally says the word back slash everytime there is a quote.

Hopefully you can help. I love your products and want to buy more of them.


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