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Max of 5 Voices in SwiftTalker?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:57 pm
by dieter
No matter what I do, SwiftTalker does not list all 6 installed and registered voices, only 5 of them. If I reinstall the missing one, an other one gets kicked out from the Voices menu. Is this a known issue on XP or so, or is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks. BTW. the Cepstral Tools panel lists all voices correctly.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:34 am
by dieter
Ok, for those who had the same problem:

I deinstalled all voices. Cepstral deinstalls the tools and SwiftTalker with the very last voice you deinstall.

Then I installed all voices again, one by one, this way:
The first one: custom install, including tools and Swifttalker.

Voice Number 2,3,4 and 5 were installed custom, with no tools and no Swifttalker.

Only the last voice was then installed again with all options: tools and Swifttalker. So finally I managed to install all 6 voices properly. (BTW once registered, you can deinstall voices and install them again without to register again).

Note: none of the voices was installed using the "typical" install setting.