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Background noise sounds like static w/ Alison & SwiftTal

PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 9:00 pm
by nicho1ab
I am using Alison-8kHz v 5.0.0 to add additional custom prompts to my Asterisk server. First, I'm really impressed with just how much this voice sounds like the real Alison. Great idea and great work!

However, I'm having one problem that I haven't been able to overcome. When I use SwiftTalker in Windows XP and output the text to an audio file there is background noise that sounds like static. Is this a known issue or is there a way around it?

I just noticed that the static seems to only exist when I am playing the audio file over the phone using Asterisk. Other recordings sound fine and have no static, but the 16 bit, 8000 Hz, mono wav recordings that I'm making with SwiftTalker really sound pretty rough. If it matters, I'm using the Playback command in Asterisk.



Cepstral, can you offer help on this?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 2:42 pm
by nicho1ab
I'd really be appreciative if anyone could help me out on this issue. It's ongoing and I'm just not sure how to fix it. I thought maybe it was b/c I had a crappy sound card, but I tested on a machine with a better card and the results were the same.