Incorrect licence information

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Incorrect licence information

Postby angusmc » Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:12 am

I have just purchased millie 8ghz for windows 7 64 bit and I enter the information providered from Cepstral (copy and past) and every time it says incorrect licence information entered!! Please help.
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Postby AdamW » Sat Jul 16, 2011 6:02 pm

Top 10 reasons why a license code returns invalid

10 - The user downloads the installer for a voice different from the one they purchased. For instance, if one purchases a license for Millie-8kHz, the voice installer to download should be for Millie-8kHz and not Millie. Millie and Millie-8kHz are two different voices, and their license keys are not interchangeable. The installers for the 8kHz voices can be found on our download page (click the green button labeled telephony voices 8kHz) or via the link ... 1143746987

Please note that the installers for Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit are different.

9 - The user misspells information while purchasing which is used to generate the key, but never does the same mistake while entering the license key. (Obviously cutting and pasting is a good idea)

8 - The user uses different punctuation or different capital letters. Information should be entered exactly as shown in email. Watch out for all caps on name and company fields. (Obviously cutting and pasting is a good idea)

8 (bis) - The user types the letter O (Capital O) for the number 0 (zero) and the letter l (lowercase l) for the number 1 (one).

8 (bis) (bis) - The company name was left blank during purchase but the user enters a space in the field.

7 - The cut and paste operation includes a trailing space or a leading space.

6 - The user switches name and company fields while entering the license data.

5 - The user enters the code from one voice for another (when they purchase more than one voice and the information for both voices is in the same key recovery email) (Did we mention that you can recover your license keys at any time by visiting ? )

4 - The user enters license information from an older version. This won't work.

3 - The user enters license information for a different platform.

2 - The user could not find our online support request system to seek help before they're totally exasperated. Here is the link:


1 - Our licensing system is picky, and our website is in need of a revamp. We apologize for both and are indeed working on fixing all that.

If the above doesn't cover your issue, please submit a support request (see #2 above). When all else fails we will ask for a screenshot of your licensing window with the entries you typed in, to be mailed to our support email address. That usually solves the issue. Needless to say, under no circumstances should any license information be posted to this board.

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