Entering License key Windows 7

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Entering License key Windows 7

Postby mdgcincy » Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:09 am

I cannot find the control in the Control panel has suggested. How to I enter my voice license key?
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Postby AdamW » Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:37 am

Here are some troubleshooting hints:

- I installed the voice but can't find the Cepstral Tools Control panel.

Hint: Most likely you are running Windows 64-bit but installed the 32-bit version of the voice. Please download the 64-bit version and install it on top of the 32-bit version. That should make Windows 64-bit see the control panel and the voice.

- How to I license Cepstral voices under the different versions of Windows (Windows 7 and Windows Vista are different):

1) Install Cepstral voice: You can download our installers from


2) Goto start->All programs->Cepstral->Cepstral Tools.

a) If your Operating system is windows XP then click on "Cepstral Tools".

b) If your Operating system is Vista or windows 7 please right-click "Cepstral Tools" and click on "Run as Administrator" to open it.

3) Click on Tab "Licenses" in "Cepstral Tools" and register the voice using the exact license information provided to you in email.

Please do not hesitate to contact cepstral support through our support request system if you have any issues.

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