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~Successfully Registering an 8kHz voice~

PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2008 5:41 pm
by Paul
Here are a few tips to registering an 8kHz voice successfully.

Question: I'm registering an 8kHz voice, the information that is being entered is indeed correct, although, the voice is still giving me an invalid license error?

Solution (A): Once in awhile, a user will accidentally make the mistake of downloading the normal non-8kHz version of a voice while trying to register a 8kHz license key with it which will result in a invalid license key message. So please make sure that the appropriate 8kHz version of a voice is downloaded. The 8kHz voices can be downloaded here:

Solution (B): Another common reason why a voice will fail to register is that the name and company fields are 'Case-Sensitive'. So please make sure that all lower-case and upper-case letters get entered into their appropriate locations while registering or this will cause the voice to give an invalid license message.

I will be adding more additional information soon. I hope this may help.