My License Won't Work, says Invalid?

Having trouble entering your license key(s)?

My License Won't Work, says Invalid?

Postby MultiPort » Thu Dec 07, 2006 12:52 pm

This is a common question. Admittedly, our licensing sequence is very sensitive. Information must be in the EXACT form it was emailed to you after purchase including punctuation, capitalization, white space, etc. (Link to automated Key Recovery system.)

Please understand, our key generation algorithm does NOT make mistakes. It is always human error. Some common oversights are:

* When cutting and pasting, an invisible "trailing white space" is also copied. This is technically a character and will result in a failed attempt. Solution is to backspace over any extra white space at the end.

* Capitalization and Punctuation must match.

* Confusion due to voice format - we offer products in both regular and 8kHz versions. (The later is designed specifically for telephone uses.) These products are different and so a "Callie-8kHz" license will NOT work in the regular "Callie" voice. Solution is to make sure the license you bought matches the software you downloaded.

* Commercial customers sometimes try to enter a Concurrency Port License into the Voice License field. These are two separate licenses. First, the Voice must have a valid license. Second, the Port license is entered via the command line. (See FAQ link below)

* Reboot - some 3rd party applications we've found won't recognized the license until the Cepstral software is reloaded. To be safe, we recommend a reboot.

* Please see the FAQ. Next, under your respective operating system, locate the question: "Once I purchase voices, how do I enter my license keys?" It's approximately the 6th link on the page.


-Cepstral Sales

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