Improved lexicon management

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Improved lexicon management

Postby msclrhd2 » Tue Aug 26, 2008 5:17 pm

A really nice feature would be to improve the way you edit a Lexicon file.

Specifically, provide a UI that allows you to:
1. Import an existing lexicon file
2. Save a lexicon file to all installed voices (possibly categorise by language, e.g. install to all Spanish voices)
3. Generate the phonemes for a word you enter
4. Provide a preview option to preview the words you are editing (this would save countess roundtripping to try and perfect pronunciation of words)

Note that point 2 would be nice to have in the voice engine itself: allow the voices to use a common lexicon.txt file from their language code, or be able to point a voice to a lexicon by a file path.

Also, have the ability to re-load a lexicon file while SwiftTalker is still loaded.
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Lexicon Editor:back dated post:Wonder, has this been done?

Postby BarJabba » Mon Jan 11, 2010 3:44 am

Sorry, but this was a great idea. Just wondering if this was done already. If not, I would like to offer to collaborate with other programmers and interested parties to see what can be done. :)

If it has been done, could you (or someone) point me and others to the solution?

Thank you for any responses. :wink:


PS. POSTED 8/12/11

I see that this community is rather un active in many threads. It is really too bad not more are participating. This is an idea that I have been really in need of. I hope someone does come by and give a clue if such a thing can be made for Cepstral voices Lexicons management. Such a good and complementary idea. Cheers! :)
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