Compatible Applications

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Compatible Applications

Postby forumadmin » Thu Nov 30, 2006 1:41 pm

There is a list of compatible applications for each platform that Cepstral supports under the FAQ section for that platform. If you know of an application that works with Cepstral voices that isn't listed there, let us know here!

Below are links to the lists of known compatible applications for each platform.

Apple Macintosh OS X: ... acosx#apps

Microsoft Windows: ... ndows#apps

Microsoft Windows CE: ... wince#apps

i386-Linux: ... linux#apps

x86-64-Linux: ... linux#apps

Sparc Solaris: ... laris#apps

x86 Solaris: ... laris#apps
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Compatible application

Postby Reimar » Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:09 am

Hi, I'm a new user of Cepstral Software and on this Forum.

Doing a research for to create eBooks I came to Jutoh ( which also supports not eBook output in several formats only , Jutoh also could create Audio (MP3) files from the same eBook.
That feature was bring me to test for to create also Audio Books.

Now Jutoh supports Lame ( for to create the MP3 files. Unfortunate the output isn't that clear and Cepstral is much better.

I started testing and found out that I get the best output with Cepstral as .wav file. That files are very big (the test file I used was 11.6 MB with Cepstral). Converted to MP3 format it was still 5.++ MB. Using the Jutoh internal, Lame powered MP3 creator the file size were just 700 kBytes!! Using it together with Cepstral Voices, the output were still like Lame, not that clear as use Cepstral, the size of the MP3 file still was just 700 kBytes.

Please use the Links for to download the Test Files from which woulg give you an idea I talked from!

1. the textfile used 6 KB
2. the .wav file from Cepstral 11.661 MB
3. the MP3 file after convertion 5.737 MB
4. the MP3 file from Jutoh 718 kB

May you guy's would like to take a look at Jutoh and even maybe would be able to advise how to get such small file size as MP3 with the output quality of Cepstral.


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Postby AdamW » Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:36 am

The output quality from the Cepstral voices is in the speech, and not in the formatting of the file. Wav files are 16-bit PCM-encoded at whatever sampling rate you specify. The default for Cepstral voices is 16kHz. This means that Cepstral's default bit rate is 256 kpbs.

Human speech can be encoded in bit rates as low as 36kbps without affecting the basic audio quality. Bit rate reduction is a about the only way to reduce the MP3 file size when going from wav to MP3. This process has nothing to do with either Jutoh or Cepstral voices. You may just need to get much more familiar with Lame's settings.

We suggest you try to re-encode the wav output file down to mp3 at 36 kpbs and see how you like it.

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