[Official] Cepstral Telephony 6.0 - Beta Testers Wanted!

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[Official] Cepstral Telephony 6.0 - Beta Testers Wanted!

Postby AdamW » Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:11 pm

Cepstral is pleased to announce that version 6.0 of our TTS Telephony Server has reached the beta phase. We are looking for beta testers! Read on to learn what is new in 6.0 and how to apply to be a beta tester.

New Features
Dramatically improved audio quality
-- The audio in Cepstral 6.0 has been tuned for crystal clarity over a phone.

Optimized unit selection
-- 6.0 represents a breakthrough in predicting and protecting speech context.
-- This results in more natural sounding speech with far fewer errors.

Ulta-smooth joins and natural prosody
-- 6.0 introduces a new algorithm for joining units that provides smooth and natural prosody.

Asterisk integration
-- For the first time, we have enabled explicit integration with Asterisk.
-- Audio has been level matched to Asterisk Prerecorded prompts, for seamless integration into an Asterisk IVR.
-- The licensing system for concurrent synthesis has been completely revamped. It is more reliable and stable.

Beta Testing
Cepstral is turning to our community to finalize our testing. We value your input and feedback. This is your chance to provide the input that will help make our product better.

Those interested in being beta testers should email responses to the following questions to beta@cepstral.com with "Beta 6.0" in the subject line.

1. What is your name and email address?

2. Do you have a test and/or development environment running Asterisk?
(We have worked very hard to remove bugs, but as with all beta software, there is the possibility that something may go wrong. We don't want to break any live production systems)

3. Can you simulate a high call volume? (100+) If not, how many can you run?

4. Tell us a little more about your test machine:
    a. What is the type and version of your linux distribution (CentOS 6, Ubuntu 11, etc.)?
    b. Please copy and paste the results of 'uname -a'
    c. Please copy and paste the results of 'ldd --version'
    d. What version of Asterisk are you running?
    e. Do you use app_swift or res_cepstral?

5. Are you able to begin testing immediately?

If you are selected, we will let you know by email.


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