Intermittent problem using Cepstral in Asterisk

Integrating the Cepstral engine

Intermittent problem using Cepstral in Asterisk

Postby RussP » Mon Nov 12, 2007 9:49 am

I'm trying to set up Asterisk on a 64-bit Linux box, using Cepstral Swift 4.2.0 for voice prompts.

The voice prompts intermittently don't work - either there is no sound at all, or it talks normally for a while then goes silent, or the speech is choppy. If the prompt is repeated, it usually works fine.

The Asterisk console appears to think that the commands are running normally. I see messages like this, and they are the same whether the voice prompt works properly or not:

-- Executing [005@shv_bu_pin:1] Set("IAX2/colotest-4", "bupin=005") in new stack
-- Executing [005@shv_bu_pin:2] Swift("IAX2/colotest-4", "Checking site with pin number 005") in new stack
-- Executing [005@shv_bu_pin:3] AGI("IAX2/colotest-4", "shv_pin.agi|005") in new stack

I'm using Swift both directly in the call plan, eg:

Code: Select all
Exten => _X.,n,Swift(Checking site with pin number ${bupin})

and from AGI scripts, eg:

Code: Select all
TMP=/tmp/asterisk_`date +%s`
/opt/swift/bin/swift -o "$TMP.wav" -p audio/channels=1,audio/sampling-rate=8000 " $TEXT "
echo "exec playback $TMP"
read stream
rm $TMP.wav

Sometimes I get a notice appearing in the Asterisk console immediately after a voice prompt, eg:

-- Executing [222@shv_bu_pin:4] Swift("IAX2/colotest-3", "To report a fault press 1<break/>To return to the main menu press 0") in new stack
[Nov 8 13:56:31] NOTICE[20070]: chan_iax2.c:3229 iax2_read: I should never be called!

There doesn't seem to be any difference between calling Swift from the call plan or an AGI script - they both seem to be equally troublesome, and it appears to be entirely random whether the voice prompts work properly or not. I haven't been able to reliably reproduce this problem, but it happens fairly often.

Can anyone suggest a solution, or debugging ideas?


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