Festival or Flite Engine? = NO! Use Cepstral Solution

Integrating the Cepstral engine

Festival or Flite Engine? = NO! Use Cepstral Solution

Postby MultiPort » Wed Dec 06, 2006 2:46 pm


Operating System: Linux (any distro)
Topic Type: Third Party Applications
Subject: Trixbox and flite

I am setting up an Asterisk solution; I am using the Asterisk TRIXBOX
distribution that comes with Centos 4.4 ; The latest version of TRIXBOX
uses FLITE as the speech synth, I would like to know if your spanish voices
can be used with Trixbox and the TTS FLITE?



The answer is NO, you should not use Flite or Festival. Rather, you should use Cepstral voices together with the Cepstral engine. Each Cepstral Voice download includes everything you need. Technically, the Cepstral voice installer is a bundle of 3 components; the TTS engine, the individual voice database, and our proprietary lexical front-end text processor. For consistency, this package is simply referred to as a "Voice."

Our founders authored Flite and Festival. As such, the Cepstral solution is designed to eclipse those earlier products by offering more robust, professional, high quality, and scalable speech synthesis.


-Cepstral Sales

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